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My name is Liezette Gerrits (1971) NL, I am an independent visual artist specialized in light-shadow paper objects. I had the pleasure to graduate in painting at ‘The Gerrit Rietveld Academie’ the University of applied sciences of Fine Arts in Amsterdam (1996). In 1998 I moved from Haarlem to Enschede. In 1997 I exchanged my brushes and paint for paper and light, since then I create light-shadow paper objects. 


I make my objects using white paper, adhesive tape and light. I make my objects using white paper, adhesive tape and light. My work process stems from a fascination with the use of light in de paintings by artists Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Their painting technique (chiaroscuro), involves starting with a dark background and gradually building up the lighter areas of the composition. This technique creates a strong contrast between light and dark.


I mastered working from dark to light by developing a new technical method. By snipping, tearing and cutting sheets of paper, I make a translucent image. I create the desired play of shadows by bending and folding the remaining forms. The sheet of white polystyrene at the front serves as a projection screen, displaying the image of light and shadow. There is a gap between the light source and the back of the artwork. This gap is closed with transparent Plexiglas, it allows the viewers to see the techniques used to create the artwork.  It showcases the versatility and potential of paper, not just as a carrier in itself, but as a means for artistic expression.

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