Who am I?

I am Liezette Gerrits ,  a creative artist. 

I gain inspiration from daily life saving pictures and images that say something to me.  Such images can be from newspapers, magazines, internet or other media. They may have moved me, made me angry, sad or happy as long as they are striking. I use these images as inspiration for my art work, to which I sometimes add comic strip elements.


Most recently I have started making shadow paintings.  Instead of paint I use light to create the images.  I was inspired by the great masters Rembrandt and Vermeer, who painted their portraits out of the darkness into the light, and chose to turn this around and start with the light to create an image of shadows.

Alongside this I offer artistic workshops for schools and businesses.

I develop and customise my workshops to suit the needs of the participants.

I graduated in 1996 from the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam and in 2010 took the HBO BIK course ArtEZ Zwolle.